Cluster Mail Boxes: Just What Your Neighborhood Ordered



Cluster mail boxes are becoming the norm. Today, if you visit just about any suburban area, you will likely see tons of cluster mail boxes. Cluster mail boxes have a number of advantages, mostly for mail carriers. It is much easier for mail carriers to pick up and drop off mail at cluster mail boxes then it is for them to visit each and every house on a block. When weather is inclement, this can make things a lot easier and comfortable for the men and women who work for the post office. For individuals that require cluster mail boxes for their neighborhood, there are few very important things to consider. They include size, style, price, safety and USPS approval.

Let’s take a look at these necessary considerations below.

  • Size: The size of the cluster mailbox will need to be a consideration. The more mail boxes that it contains, the fewer will be needed for a particular neighborhood. It will be important to balance aesthetics with functionality. It may be possible to save some money by purchasing a bigger cluster box rather then buying multiple ones.


  • Style: Cluster mail boxes come in different styles. There is no law that states community mail boxes must be boring with no pizzazz. These types of boxes come in different styles and colors, making it easier then ever before to find one which fits well into a particular neighborhood.


  • Price: Cluster mail boxes tend to be pricey because they are used by some many people. Neighborhoods will have to consider this when shopping around. A basic cluster mail box can cost more then $1,000. This is quite a bit of money and the costs can quickly add up for large neighborhoods


  • Safety: Some mail boxes will use much stronger materials then others which make them more difficult to break into. It is very important that individuals be able to trust that their mail boxes won’t be broken into. It may cost more money to purchase more durable mail boxes but the investment is generally worth it.


  • USPS approval: It is important to look for mail boxes that meet all of the updated USPS requirements.


Cluster mail boxes have become the ones of choice for neighborhoods. Fewer and fewer homes have personal mailboxes. An increasing number of neighborhoods are finding this to be a much more convenient model for mail carriers.





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