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Aside from the obvious fact that a family member who is handicapped needs assistance and accessibility when going in and out of your vehicle, what might be the other reasons why a family should purchase handicap vans? This article will also provide you some good enough reasons why you should convert your used van into a handicap accessible vehicle.
Here are some major reasons why you should decide to convert your existing van into a wheelchair accessible van or buy new or used handicap vans.


It’s hard to know what it feels like to be handicapped when you can freely walk and go to any place or location that you want with ease and comfort. However, when a family member or a loved one loses his or her ability to walk and drive due to mobility issues, that’s when the need for handicap vans arises.

A handicap accessible van or vehicles provides independence to handicapped individuals which might not only have damaged their capacity to walk, but might have scarred them both emotionally and psychologically. It’s a source of stress for most handicapped individuals that they don’t have the ideal transportation when they feel the need to go town or out in the country. This is what most handicapped individuals constantly want and need- to feel like they can still walk. Using non-converted vehicles and vans will be very difficult for disabled individuals.

It is therefore important to do some mobility conversions on your existing vehicle. If you think that your current means of transportation will not enhance accessibility to a disabled individual, purchasing either a used or brand new handicap accessible vehicle will provide them with independence despite the fact that they are disabled and have limited mobility.
A wheelchair or a scooter will not fully deliver the demands of disabled individuals when they want to go on traveling and touring around. This is especially true when they want to go out-of-town and they want to drive the van.

With all the recent innovations in vehicle conversion and modification technology, nothing is impossible, even for people with limited mobility because they’re permanently tied to a wheelchair. They can go about their usual activity of driving around by themselves safely because of handicap accessible vans.

One of the things that are taken away from people who are disabled is their independence. Accidents happen and sometimes things turn out for the worst. But for disabled people tied to their wheelchair, handicapped accessible and converted vans allow them to assume and establish their independence despite the fact that they already have lost their ability to walk.


Whether you’ve chosen to buy a new or used handicap accessible van, a wheelchair ramp is one of the most crucial things that you should check and inspect before buying them. The ramp may be fully automatic, a power folding ramp, or a modified with a wheelchair lift it should provide disabled individuals ease when it comes to accessibility for both entry and exit. This eliminates the need for other members of the family to carry their disabled loved-one in and out of the van.

Ramps are essential to enhance the mobility of an individual. This also increases their independence. When they can go in and out of the vehicles all by themselves by using the ramps, they will feel a little less of a burden to their families. When you have an existing van which needs conversion, always check for the materials used in the production and construction of the ramps. The sturdiness and longevity of ramps will depend on the materials and mechanisms which van conversion companies and dealers employ in their modification process.

The ramp is one of the most important mobility systems if your existing vehicle undergoes van conversion. There are two classic types of ramps which you can choose from- the fully automatic and the folding ramp. Be sure to test both ramps when you’re in a van conversion dealer’s show room. You need to know how each system works and which of the two is preferred by the disabled member in your family. You can’t just choose by yourself, you have to seek the counsel not only of mobility consultant experts but of the disabled person which will be the primary individual who will be using this mobility mechanism.

One more thing that you should take into consideration when converting into handicap accessible vans is the comfort level of the disabled individual. People with disabilities, especially those who just recovered and are still in the phase of denial are still trying to understand that their freedom and independence is greatly compromised by their inability to walk, are more irritable when travelling and touring than normal people. Make sure that there is plenty of headroom in your vehicle’s interior so they don’t bump their heads when going in and exiting the vehicle. A turning automotive seating will enable them to choose where they want to be seated within the vehicle.

They may want to be seated beside the driver today and they might want to just sit back and relax at the back of the vehicle. This shouldn’t be a problem, since automotive seating will allow them to move their chair within the van easily. They can place their seats wherever they like with this automotive seating mobility system and enhancement.



At some point in time, the disabled member of your family would want to assume the role of the driver again. You don’t need to freak out once they voice their need to drive again. This just means that the handicap accessible van which you have purchased successfully gave them back their sense of freedom and independence to do the things which they normally did when they still had the ability to go to one place to another without a wheelchair. This is a sign that they’re gaining their confidence back and are ready to move on and lead their lives as normal as possible despite the fact that they’re permanently wheelchair-bound.

There are companies and dealers that do complete van conversions. From installing ramps, to installing reinforcements for comfort and accessibility within the vehicle to special control mechanisms which will enable disabled individuals to drive their handicap vans whenever and wherever they please to.

Handicap accessible vans, whether used or new is an important vehicle when you have a disabled member in your family. These vehicles enable them to gain their independence back by providing comfort, ease of access, and eventual freedom despite their walking disability.




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