Increasing Fertility - 3 Ways for Men & Women to Dramatically Improve Their Chances to Get Pregnant




Conceiving a child can be difficult. Up to 40% of couples in the United States have fertility difficulties. In this article, we'll discuss specific ways to increase your fertility in order to improve your chances of pregnancy.

Why Some Men are Infertile

A male's fertility relies on sperm quality and quantity. The journey up the uterus and into the female's fallopian tubes is difficult; without many strong sperm cells taking the trip simultaneously a consummation is unlikely.
Low sperm quality often shows itself with sperm mobility issues. A healthy sperm cell will, upon ejaculation, swim towards the eggs in a somewhat direct fashion. When the sperm quality is low, the sperm cells may swim in circles or have challenges locating or penetrating the woman's ovum (eggs).

Furthermore, it's not unlikely for the majority of sperm cells to be dead upon ejaculation. This is one of the factors that determine your sperm quantity.

There is also the chance that the testicles aren't creating sufficient amounts of new sperm. Since 1940, sperm count has been diminishing with each new generation. Deficiencies in exercise or diet can multiply this shortage.
The top three determinates of sperm quality and sperm quantities are these - diet, general health, and testicle heat levels.

Here are three tips to improve your fertility by avoiding the most common pitfalls:

Here's 3 Tips that MEN Can Use to Boost Their Chances of Fertility:

Tip #1 - Boxers or Briefs??

Overheated testicles lead to dead sperm cells. This usually happens when the testicles are kept too close to the body.
This is the reason that briefs should be avoided. Wearing boxers is preferable. Boxers allow the testicles to cool by giving them space to hang from the pelvis; this leads to a higher sperm count and a more fertile ejaculate.

Tip #2 - Keep Yourself Hydrated to the Max

Sperm production is directly affected by your hydration levels. Most men don't drink nearly enough water. Adding more water to your diet is the easy way for most men to improve their fertility.

Tip #3 - Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a key factor in the amount of sperm the body produces. Many scientists believe that the drop in average sperm count since 1940 is due to lower testosterone levels (due to estrogen-creating toxins in our environment).

There are ways to counteract this.

The easiest way is to get more exercise. This naturally increases the amount of testosterone the body creates. Alternatively, certain supplements are believed to improve testosterone. Of these, zinc and maca (an herbal supplement) have the best reputations.

But Why Are Some Women Infertile??

Estrogen levels are the primary determinate of a woman's fertility (barring physical considerations, such as impaired egg production). Various factors play a role in estrogen levels, including general health, stress, and environmental factors.

Of these, weight issues are one of the most prevalent. 30% of estrogen is produced from fat cells, so women that are either overweight or underweight have a higher risk of infertility.

In fact, being too underweight (as is the case for anorexics) can lead to the reproductive system completely shutting down. Those that are overweight face similar challenges, due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which has been linked to obesity.

But fat levels aren't the only concern.

Here are three tips to avoid female infertility due to other causes:

Here's 3 Tips that WOMEN can Use to Dramatically Boost Their Fertility Chances:

Tip #1 - Kick the Cigarettes and Alcohol Habit

Smoking has been linked to increased risk of still births. Alcohol consumption also impedes conception. Hopeful mothers should avoid both substances to improve their chance of having a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Tip #2 - Start Timing Your Ovulation Cycle

Your chances of getting pregnant improve during the time when eggs are released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes. This process is known as ovulation.

By talking to a doctor, you can time your ovulation cycle. Having sex when you are ovulating greatly improves your chances of getting pregnant.

Tip #3 - Learn the Best Pregnancy Boosting Positions

Certain sexual positions place the male's sperm closer to the cervix upon ejaculation. Of these, the missionary position is the most common.

Elevating your hips has also been shown to assist the sperm cells, as well as lying relatively still for 20 minutes after ejaculation.

In conclusion

With these tips in mind, you're in a much better position of bearing children. If, after following this advice, you're still having trouble then I would suggest seeing a qualified doctor. There may be physical considerations at play that require medical alleviation. I wish you well, and here's to a safe pregnancy.



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