Satellite Phone Rental Options: The 3 Most Important Things that You Must Know Before You Even Consider Renting a Satellite Telephone


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Is it possible to rent your satellite phone? Whether you want to save money or just don't need the phone for longer than a certain time frame going with a rental option is a great way to avoid a hefty investment. Learn more by reading on.

Satellite phone rental options aren't as limited as you might think. There are now multiple online companies where you can go to rent your telephone to use for the time period you'll need it, all with a low monthly cost that makes it more practical than purchasing your own. Whether you're just not willing to pay the full list price of a brand new unit or you don't want to shell out for the monthly service charge, renting is the best choice to save hundreds of dollars.
If you're looking for a satellite phone rental option you can get your unit for as low as $69 a week.

When you go to shop around for the best option and price it's important to consider the following things.

  1. Will you need to use the telephone internationally? Knowing if you'll need to make calls between countries or from other countries (other than the U.S.) will be important information to have when researching your options. Some companies will just have domestic services or will charge extra for international calls.

  2. Will you need to make text messages? The longer the text message the more you may need to pay additional fees on top of the weekly or monthly charge for the unit and service. If you can get by without texting you'll save yourself some money but if you do need this service keep it in mind when you go to find a good company to use.

  3. Are you going to be in unpredictable conditions or out in the elements? If you plan on taking the telephone hiking, camping or even into the desert you'll want to make sure you get additional insurance or coverage on the telephone so you're not held liable if something happens to it.

When you go to book your satellite phone rental try to do so ahead of time so you can make sure there are enough in stock. If you wait until the last minute you could be stuck with no phone and be forced to make a last minute purchase which could cost you a lot more than you'll likely want to pay. Going with a rent option will save you plenty of cash on service charges, phone equipment and you won't have to deal with selling the phone when you're done with it. Make sure you shop around online for the best deal and always book your unit a few weeks in advance.



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